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  • 6890 - soldiers that God has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 58,087 - pickets conducted by WBC.
  • 993 - cities that have been visited by WBC.
  • 1318 - weeks that WBC has held daily pickets on the mean streets of doomed america.
  • - people whom God has cast into hell since you loaded this page.
  • $18.16 trillion+ - national debt of doomed america.
  • 8 - people that God saved in the flood.
  • 16,000,000,000 - people that God killed in the flood.
  • 144,000 - Jews that will be saved in these last days.
  • 0 - nanoseconds of sleep that WBC members lose over your opinions and feeeeellllliiiiiings.

Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews Killed Christ!  They Have Never Repented! 
Only the Elect Jews Will Repent, Mourn & Be Sealed and Delivered

This message is for the elect Jews still alive on this earth.  All the nations are going to fight against Israel and persecute the Jews like never before in their history, until the indignation of the Lord is fulfilled.  The elect Jews will be called, sealed and sanctified.  These things must shortly come to pass and will happen fast. Listen up elect obedient Jews!  You will have the seal of the living God soon!

The fullness of the Gentiles is almost complete!  The Antichrist Bloody Beast Obama is going to become king of the world.  Obama-the-Muslim is a monstrous sinner before God, promoting abortion, sodomy, proud sin and blasphemy.  He is fixated on making Israel yield to his demand for a two-state solution.  Israel is a savage hypocritical nation of filthy sinners before God, disproportionately engaged in sodomy, abortion, pornography and idolatry, while claiming to be the chosen people.  They are armed with nuclear weapons; and God has caused them to have a deep hatred for the Palestinians from eternity past.  Israel has had the bully doomed-america running interference for her for decades; that is coming to an end!  Then Obama will lead the nations against Jerusalem to battle, Zechariah 14:2.

We have the promises of God that these events must come to pass; and when they do – when we see “Jerusalem compassed with armies” – those who fear and obey God will lift up their heads knowing their redemption draws nigh.  See Luke 21:20, 24 and 27.  It is time for the elect Jews who have a heart to know their God to mourn and rejoice.  The Scriptures say they shall look upon Christ “whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him,” Zechariah 12:10 and John 19:37.  “Hath God cast away his people?  God forbid!” Romans 11:1.  He started a work and he’s going to finish it, by calling out his elect Jews from among a doomed world and doomed Israel, upon whom the wrath is come to the uttermost (1 Th. 2:14-16).

Revelation 7 and 14 describe it.  From twelve tribes, 144,000 children of Israel will be sealed; then shortly thereafter they will be standing in heaven, having been redeemed from the earth, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb, singing a new song that no man can learn but them!  At Westboro Baptist Church we watch for the sealing of our Jewish brethren, who will be called, authenticated and delivered in a most amazing way.  When that day comes we will rejoice! SO COME OUT FROM AMONG HER ELECT JEWS, and join the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ!  We are your friends and brethren, we are eager to meet you; to oppose the Wicked with you; and to join Christ in the air with you, when he comes in power and glory to claim his own and punish the disobedient!  See 2 Th. 1:8.